Mike knows what is important to the citizens of Ventura, the economy, and the environment. He is incredibly intelligent, yet possesses the ability to clearly communicate the issues and potential solutions with ease. He is, in my opinion, the hands down best choice for our City Council. He is the kind of evolution this City needs. — Dina Pielaet
For several years, I’ve been involved in city issues around Economic Development, Water, Homelessness/Affordable Housing, the budget, and Measure O. If you want to know my priorities, just look at which meetings I’ve attended faithfully for the last four or five years. Learning in-depth about those issues has been my personal priority, because they have crucial long-term consequences.

There are several high-priority issues that require immediate action. For the next four years, my top city-wide priorities are, in rough order:

There are plenty of other issues that will dominate the next four years, including the recession, budget woes, adopting a new General Plan, climate change, and the growing demand for office space downtown. But those six items are my top Council priorities.

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