There’s a city ordinance that allows residents near a school to request One Hour Parking or Two Hour Parking signs, with residents able to get a permit to park longer. They pay a small fee for a permit to park on their owns street. You’ll see these limited parking signs on some of the streets around the college. Unfortunately, the ordinance allows parking restrictions only on Monday through Friday, but the weekend Marketplace at the college draws thousands of cars to the surrounding neighborhood. The traffic to the college has changed drastically since the ordinance was adopted.

It’s a simple fix — Council needs to amend the ordinance to give residents around the college more flexibility in restricting parking on their streets. Their only choices shouldn’t be 1-hour parking M-F, or 2-hour parking M-F.

And it should provide a mechanism for the College to reimburse the city for some of the costs of implementing and enforcing parking restrictions. It’s in their best interest too to have students parking on campus. I’ve taken enrichment classes at the College and there is adequate parking, it’s just usually on the other side of campus. Some students park in the neighborhood not because they don’t want to pay for a permit, but because it’s closer to their classroom. For the college, cooperating with the city to reduce street parking would help them sell more permits.

Instead, the College sometimes gets bogged down in discussions over whether they should spend tens of millions of dollars building a parking garage. They could save millions of dollars and just reimburse college area residents the costs of their parking permits. They’d likely make more money selling campus permits than it will cost them to reimburse residents for some desperately needed parking fixes.

It’s not just about convenience. It’s about safety. The city should do everything it can to reduce the number of unsafe pedestrian crossings on Telegraph and Loma Vista.

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