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Ventura County Democratic Party

Service Employees International Union
SEIU Local 721

Democratic Club of Ventura

Ventura County Young Democrats

Planned Parenthood Central Coast Action Fund

Ventura Citizens for Hillside Preservation

Neighbors for the Ventura Hillside
Cheryl Heitmann
Ventura City Councilmember
Sabrena Rodriguez
Board President
Ventura Unified School District
Carmen Ramirez
Mayor Pro Tem
Cathy Murillo
Santa Barbara
Josh Chancer
Trustee, Ventura County
Community College
District 1
Dave Armstrong
President, Downtown Ventura Partners
Shawn Terris
Board Secretary, Veterans United for Truth, Inc.
Mark Abbe
Judy Alexandre
Victoria Ammons
Laverne Ave.
Emma Armstrong
Kathy Bremer
Dorothy Ave.
Dianna Burdick
Loyola Ave.
Catarina CastaƱeda, MD
Francesco Cionti
Samuel Coats
Scripps Ct.
Curtis Cormane
Kai Cruz
Gillian Dorner, MD
Dunning St.
Denise Ellison, CNM
Enrique Figueroa
Amherst St.
Chris Fong, OD
Hunter St.
Megan Fong
Hunter St.
James Forsythe
Rob Fredericks
Bryn Mawr St.
Shannon Trani Fredericks
Bryn Mawr St.
Pete Freeman
Carlos Frias, MD
Gerardo Gallegos
Connie Galloway
Court Ave.
Sonya Garcia, MD
Anne Gerk
Sutter St.
John Sanders Jones
S. Dunning St.
Fred Kelley MD
Emily Kroening, MD
Amherst St.
Marie Lakin
Sun Lee, MD
Mark Lepore, MD
Carol Lindberg
Amherst St.
Kathy Loest
Loyola Ave.
Vondie Lozano
Fairfax Ave.
Carole Martin
Court Ave.
James McGinley
Lehigh St.
Linda & Mickey McTigue
Loyola Ave.
Paul Meehan
Loma Vista Rd.
Casey Milne
Walnut Dr.
Suz Montgomery
Chuck Murphy, MD
Court Ave.
Deena Pace, RN
Pomona St.
Stanley Patterson, MD
Dina Pielaet
Cindy Reinwald, RN
Bays St.
Mike Reinwald
Bays St.
Russell Richardson
Teloma Dr.
Claire Rithner, RN
Bays St.
Hilary and Dave Romero
Burnett Ave.
Kathleen Russell, RN
Jeanette Sanchez-Palacios
Stephanie Schenker
Bob Schilken
Armstrong Ave.
Andrew and Jody Sherman
Hastings Ave.
Kristyn Shinn, RN
Walnut Ave.
Ira Silverman, MD
Lori Steinhauer
Connie Taft
Laverne Ave.
Jayne Turcotte and Gene Rubin
Louis Vigorita
McGill Ave.
Rosemary Vigorita, BSN
McGill Ave.
Dan Wakelee
Anthony Walls, MD
Minako Watabe, MDMinako Watabe, MD
Court Ave.
Mindy Wong
Knox Ave.
Don Wood
Carol Dr.
Michelle Yates, MD